Pump It (louder) Pump it (louder)

I'm still here. I didn't take the Road to SomeWhere/Nowhere (let alone to Duluth) Work, basketball season, ennui served zap my intelligence. I chirp on Facebook vaguely regularly. Sound bites of a harried middle aged mom.....

I haven't been very physically active this year until recently.My gym membership continued, but I wasn't there. Part of the reason is that I have been making excuses about being too busy, but also I was concerned about fucking up my gimpy ankle. Late February I decided that I was Healed! Praise Be! I want to morph into a kickass ninja valkyrie warrior Xena type. I looked into boot camps. Trouble is, they all happen early mornings. Right during the get everyone up , fed, dressed and to their respective destinations time. Bummer. Is it so farfetched an idea that soldiers need to excersise after work? I needed the motivation of someone barking at me, and other people sweating alongside. Share the experience. Peer groups, etc. But I am doing this motivation thing solo!

For the last 15 days, I have worked out consistently, like as in *each day*. I do floor excersises each morning when I wake up. I have been going to the gym on alternate days to work with weights. On the other days, I do the aerobic stuff. Walking the dogs hither and yon. Track workouts. and.....Dancing!

Think "Thank you (Falletinme Be Mice Elf Agin) Dazz... Parliament/ Funkadelic..... Brothers Johnson... Cameo ..... Aretha. No parking on the dance floor here. I put some tunes on, and shake, stomp and wiggle until I am red faced and out of breath. Then I dance some more. Cardio! During these sessions, my sons hide. I think that they are frightened for my dignity...

But I'm not. I am willing to exchange some dignity for some discipline. I just need to keep enough to get through the work day........

Still alive, or Nielsen and I

I haven't posted here in awhile. I keep meaning to do some sort of a summation of summer type post. Not that's particularly thrilling, but I would like to remember  and record thses experiences. In the meantime, this is xposted from my Facebook.

I am no longer able to use the bumper sticker "Kill Your Television". Not only do I watch tv, I have cable.


Still I was somewhat bemused to receive a postcard announcing that we had been selected as a "Nielsen Household".  They were "quite pleased to announce" that we" had been chosen to participate". I heard of Nielsen Households and Nielsen Ratings, but I thought they were largely apocryphal; an urban legend. Well they are *real*.  You gotta wonder at the criteria. How did we make the cut?


We don’t really watch  top 20 type shows. The boys watch Cartoon Network, or variations of ESPN. Comedy Central is pretty popular.  We do heart the Spongebob, and CNN. Somedays, there’s not much difference between the two.  I tape shows like Nurse Jackie” or  Penn and Teller. I get the occasional mood to sit and veg in front of the tv for a couple of hours. The DVR was created for people like me. In the winter, I will watch Lost. What could the Nielsen folks glean from us?


So they are going to send me a “large blue and white” packet with instructions and a log. Wait a sec. Do I need one more Thing to Keep Up?  I haven’t agreed yet. What’s in it for me? Monetary reimbursement is good. Do Nielsen Households get paid? The postcard doesn’t mention this. What about power? Power is good. Can I help influence the television habits of the American public? I’m not above manipulating systems to achieve my goals. Down with Fox reality shows! As a representative of the American tv watching public, I do not watch these shows, nor do I purchase the sponsoring products! PBS and A&E for everyone!


Like I watch those channels........

That's one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind

Ok, so I don't remember hearing that famous phrase. But I do have vague memories of the occasion, and a 5 year old's understanding of the significance of the event.

My dad called me into the living room. Dad was sitting on the couch, with Mom perched on the arm. They had turned the lights off. The room was illuminated by the black and white flickering of the TV in a box.  . I was amused by the astronaut that was doing the kangeroo dance. It was hard for me to believe that they were walking on the moon. Not that I was a conspiracy theorist, but I was a pretty *literal* minded little girl. I looked out the window at the moon. I did not see tiny pinpricks of men dancing on the moon. What struck me at the time as being important was the way my parents were so transfixed.

Dad retained his interest in things Space. He went through this Chariots of the Gods/Erich Von Daniken phase a few years later.  This was the guy that espoused the "ancient astronaut" theory, ie, that all cultural events that occurred in  evolving ancient history was because of visiting aliens. My mom was more skeptical, but willing to go along. After all, she was from Roswell.

My dad is no longer fascinated by aliens. But he lives on the Space Coast (think Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach, Merrit Island). He watches launchings from his back yard. I am sure that next week, we will be touring the Kennedy Space Center. I am looking forward to it.

Dead Celebrities

Three very different celebrities this week.  A unifying factor (for me, not for them) is their association with my 1970's. 

Ed McMahon::  I associated him with security. Growing up, we typically lived in small frame houses. Not very well insulated for sound. I know that all was right in my world, everyone was home and safe and finished with the day when I heard Ed's voice boom heerrrrrreeee's Johnny!  at that point I could roll over and go to sleep, tv light flickering under the bedroom door. Fast forward a couple of decades, and I entertained notions of him showing up at my door.  *Somebody* had to win the Publisher's Clearing House sweepstakes, righ?

Farrah: as a young teeny bop, my friends and I would walk down to the Mall. The main activity was giggling with the people you knew. But we also spent time going through the stores like Spencer's, Woolworth and JC Penney's. Every where you turned, there was Farrah. Big unreal gorgeous grin. Red swimsuit. Omigod, is that her nipple? She left Charlie's Angels early in the show's run. I admired the diversity of roles that she took. She didn't want to be "just another pretty face". she died fighting, and transcended the cancer.

Michael Jackson: Off the Wall came out in 1979. Funk made acceptable for lil white girls, at least in the south. Crowds of us would dance to Don't Stop until You Get Enough. Off the Wall. I did not buy this album (you know,  round thin black discs. They had'em then ) I didn't need to buy it. He was everywhere. By the time Thriller came out, I was Miz Too Cool and off into Austin's Punk scene. Obviously anything that Micheal put out didn't *matter*.  Over the last couple of decades, I watched his trainwreck ride to freaky pathetic possible pervert with the a feeling of detached revulsion. 

huh. Now they are dead.
Bad week to be a 70's icon I guess.

Still here.......

I have had a low level funk these past couple of weeks. I think it's lifting! Working out again helps.

I don't post very much during these moods, because I don't want come off as a whiny ass. My world is basically great: The boys are hale and hearty, I still have a job. I am excited about the activities that Red Oak has been discussing. We are growing,and more importantly, attracting good people. I had a great 3 day weekend!

No real reason for general "meh ness". I am glad that it's dissipating, I was starting to bore myself.

Bob Wills would understand

So I worked in San Angelo for most of the week............

I have never driven that far west.. I live in a region of the state known as Central Texas. I smiled when I drove through Brady. There is a billboard that welcomes you to "'Brady: the Real Heart of Texas". Damn. I drive for 3 and a half hours over speed limit, and I am still in the center of the state.

After you pass through San Saba, the countryside starts to change. It gradually shifts from the Hill Country to more of a prairie feel. Ranch land. Cows. I am sure that it was no coincidence I was served beef at all meals. I am a cautious driver. Imagine  a lil ol lady from Sun City. Yeah, I drive that gingerly.. I found my self pushing up to 85 a good deal of the way. Sometimes there were no other cars, or buildings for miles. No reference point to remind you to watch the speedometer, or traffic to gauge your pace. Just me, my zippy little rental car, great music , the road, and the changing landscape. A landscape that I appreciate as much as my Hill Country. Different, yet  I still felt the same affinity. Texas is my odal land. My part of the world.

The conference went well.. I got props for a  presentation that I did. I had the opportunity to talk with others about some bills that have been filed that have ramifications for the work that I do.  There was a banquet at Fort Concho, which is a restored frontier outpost.. I slipped away to wander through a couple of the buildings,  which were fortuitously unlocked. I imagined the past, and the people of the settlement.,  The 1800's past. Not so much the  recent history of housing a few hundred pastel  RLDS detainees.

But I think my favorite part of the trip was the drive. 

I saw miles and miles of Texas, all the stars up in the sky;
I saw miles and miles of Texas, gonna live here 'til I die.

easter miracles

Both boys wanted an easter basket. Yes, they are both double digit in age. It's hard for them to let go of traditions that involve chocolate,and candy.

Last night, I made up the baskets and set them by their doors. The obligatory chocolate bunny.  Candy eggs.  Etc.

This morning,  the chocolate eggs were gone. Disappeared.  Not in my house. Not in the baskets. In their place, the boys found..........

Slim Jims.

Ponder well this mysterious transformation my friends. Lo, the ways of the bunny are passing strange and arcane......

Spring Break Sprung

Tomorrow is back to the the usual mad dash to get everyone up, fed, and at their respective schools before I have to be at work before 8:15.....

It was a good break. I enjoyed each day. The weather was perfect in the way that only a Central Texas Spring day could be. The camping trip was fun. I was initially concerned over older son's ability to be away from text messages and basketball courts.  He was a delight, except when he was being a pain in the ass. This is a cliche expression, but it truly was a "bonding' experience for us. It's not often that I get to spend that much time doing something that we both enjoy. Younger son was able to get through the different/lack thereof routine smoothly.

I put in the flowerbeds! It was happenstance that I had the chance to focus on this project this weekend. I try to be as continental Germanic in my heathenry.as I can.. I am always learning. So, I felta certain serendipity in working on my garden during the equinox, during Oestara's time. I put in rosemary, lavender and purple coneflower  (echinacea ) in the front part of the year where the sun is almost constant. I planted columbine In the semi-shade of  the oak trees. On the the north side of my property (read: tiny teeny mid city lot) I planted a row of beans. I like beans, for both the blossoms and the fruit.  Honeysuckle  will  hopefully flourish on the wall near my front porch. I planted my mint in containers so I can move them around the yard as needed. This evening I took the time to build a harrow of stone under my oak tree in the backyard. This is the spot where I usually leave gifts for my land wights. I like to think that they are  pleased with my efforts in the yard.

I fpund a copy of Eyrbyggja Saga at HPB.  While I have no idea how to pronounce the title, I have enjoyed reading the  firstdozen or so "chapters".

And the kitchen cabinets? ummm... yeah.....as Kymsuzannpointed out, they aren't going any where.....

Spring Break

Hail the Spring!

and one week off work......

One of the ways that I "relax" is to make plans to do scads of necessary tasks, Yeah, I am kind of a drudge. Then, I blow off the chores and do absolutely fun things with my sons. This break is no different.

To do:

Putin a flowerbed
Clean out the kitchen cabinets
Go through youngest son's closet


3 day camping trip with my sons and my best friend's family

Eyrbyggia saga

So looking at my list, my bet is "kitchen cabinets"  will probably not happen.....And with no regrets!