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Subject:Nerthus notes
Time:05:12 pm
Last night Red Oak came together to celebrate our Charming of the Plough, early spring, sort of rite. We can do this in Texas, as we have had several mid 80's days here in Austin. Despite what the calendar says, it feels like Spring. 10 adults and a couple of kids made for a lively group.

I had volunteered to coordinate/lead the faining. I chose to honor Nerthus. I see her as being a Goddess that was concerned with coming of Spring, the awakening earth.  I think of the dark fertile earth awaiting the plough, awaiting the seed.  Part of this is sheer UPG. THere's not a lot written about Nerthus. The only source  that was "firsthand" was Tactius. He noted that the 7 tribes he wrote about in Germania had the worship of Nerthus in common. The articles that I read on the  Acerbot suggest that Nerthus was honored by the Anglo Saxon Heathens as well. I incorporated much of what I read into the Faining. We didn't drown anyone though.........

I also read about  various  theories about Nerthus. A popular one pairs her  with Njordr, as his sister/lover. Together they birthed Freyr and Freya. The orignal Vanic Dynastic Duo. One academician thinks that Grimm inserted the name "Nerthus"  into the mix  because it sounded like Njordr. Grimm links her to Holda/ I like this theory,  but  primarily because I like Holda. Kinda   related to this, but wayyy different, is the suggestion that Nerthus/Njordr was the same  Deity. A divine hermaphroditic kind of a guy/gal.

I don't know. I see her as Tacitus described her. An earth focused goddess who travelled the land, causing laughter and holiday wherever she went. A  luckbringer. Then, when she tired of her travels, retreated back to her sacred island. 

After the Faining we feasted on pork roast,  new potatos cooked in rosemary and garlic, a spring salad, sourdough bread and devilled eggs. We eat well when we gather. The storytellers among us had us in stitches during the meal.

Sumbel was our usual rite of laughter, shared memories, boasts of our accomplishments and a few tears.

An anniversary:  In 1836, the Battle of the Alamo was  at midpoint. The Defenders  were fighting through their last week of life. I find this an oddly gripping piece of  historical  *not so trivial*  trivia. Hail the Heros!

and Hail the Quiet Gods! These are the Gods that we just don't know much about. May our scholars and researchers uncover more of their stories and their ways....
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Subject:Then there's the local aspect
Time:07:05 pm
I read  the fist two chapters of  Vilhelm's Gronbech's The Culture of the Teutons several years ago. I am rereading the chapter on Frith again. Slowly. While I am doing so, I am thinking about what I  read  in Herberts' Peace Weavers and Shield Maidens.  Adding to the "thought mix" are some of the concepts raised in Winnefred Hodges' latest article on the topic.  Researching women's roles in the weaving and maintaining Frith in their families and communities has been both a thought provoking, and self reflective process for me. I have even been jotting notes to myself.

Which is good, because the  participants in  the Yahoo Group that I joined recently regarding women's roles in Heathenry are talking about our periods. Again.  I can't wait until we start bagging on men. To be fair, and to cut down on my snark factor, the moderator of the group has been out of pocket.

Red Oak Fellowship has the get together next weekend. I  look forward to these. A new person is planning on attending.  I've enjoyed meeting the people  that show up. The weekend following is our Charming of the Plough. It's late in the month, but it's the first opportunity after the new moon. I am coordinating the children's activities  for this celebration. I haven't thought it though yet, but I am thinking something to do with dirt, and seeds. Not horribly original, but I am tentatively planning on a small garden this year. A very small garden, as most of my lot is in the shade.....
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Subject:Identity Issues
Time:07:53 pm
No school/work  tomorrow. It's a very mild evening.  When presented this scenario, I like to  sit out side in my backyard after  the youngest goes to bed.  The dogs and I contemplate life, wights, Gods, puns, the oak tree and navels while I savor a Guinness.

That's just not appealing to me tonight.

I'm thinking a very cold Shiner Bock would hit the spot.......
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Subject:Carte Blanche Baby, Carte Blanche
Time:11:51 pm
This is tonight's fortune cookie divination from the neighborhood Pho place.

If you want it, take it.

I have a list....
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Subject:The Audacity of What If
Time:10:07 pm
Today at work there were several "viewing parties" of the inaugural address.

I sat them out out, being at home with a sick kiddo. I wouldn't have attended anyway. I preferred the quietude of my living room. I wanted to hear what the man had to say. I voted for Obama after some consideration. I wasn't part of the initial groundswell. Hilary was my candidate of choice. I shared some of her reservations regarding Obama.

He acknowledged that we live in sobering times. There are challenging times ahead of our country. Yet, he recognized and honored the strengths that we share as a nation, and the gifts of our ancestors. In this speech, he crafted a "we", instead of an I, me or you. It wasn't the "yay us" model, but more of an absolute confidence in the strength, fortitude and creativity of the American people. I was misty eyed. I admit it. I was won over.

What if this man is the person capable of leading the county now? What if this is actually the time to put away "petty recriminations"? What if he actually can promote beneficial change that I can actually see and feel? What if he can actually pull off his campaign rhetoric?

I have hope. Maybe he can. Maybe we can.
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Subject:Spoke too soon
Time:10:49 am
Younger son tested positive for strep throat. He doesn't complain about somatic things until he is actually sick.......
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Subject:Actually, I am cuddly
Time:09:26 pm
Silly quiz thing. Although some of the typos and errors made me smile.....

Your result for The Which Norse Deity Are You Test...


The Allfather, the head of the pantheon, blood-brother to Loki, you are the enigmatic, one-eyed man who heads everything. Thought and Memory are your ravens, who tell you everything on the planet. You hung from the world tree to learn the secrets of the runes, you seduced your way to the mead of poetry, and even cast your own eye into a well to receive the water of wisdom. You try everything within your awesome power to prevent the end, but your own efforts only serve to hasten it. You are capricious, but never malevolent. You and your mysterious brothers fashioned this world, and you will go down with it, victim of the foul wolf Fenrir.

Take The Which Norse Deity Are You Test
at HelloQuizzy

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Time:11:57 pm
01. I have an Uncle: who lives in the woods of Washington state, singing the Agent Orange Blues.
02. Never in my life: have I been arrested
03. When I was five: I got caught exploring an old barn scheduled to be demolished. But I didn't get arrested.
04. High school was: abbreviated. I dropped out in the 11th grade.
05. I will never forget: That which I wish I didn't remember.
06. Once I met: Prince. It was in the 80's. He smiled and nodded.
07. There’s this girl I know: Who will grow up to be an amazing woman. I am proud to know Fiona.
08. Once, at a bar: I slammed Jaegerbombs. Jaeger and Red Bull. See number 5.
09. By noon, I’m usually: Debating with myself as to whether I need a third cup of coffee.
10. Last night: I watched a biopic of Betty Page.
11. If only I had: more money. I'd like more personal experience with avarice, please.
12. Next time I go to church: will be for a marriage or a funeral.
13. What worries me most: My younger son's ability to understand his world as an adult.
14. When I turn my head left I see: books
15. When I turn my head right I see: my bed.
16. You know I’m lying when: when I don't make eye contact.
17. What I miss most about the Eighties is: my sense of my own personal invincibility. Prince; well not so much.
18. If I were a character in Shakespeare I’d be: Puck
19. I have a hard time understanding: Rap Music
20. If I ever go back to school: MBA in Non Profit Management. Public Affairs? Or a BSN, with a focus on Pyschiatric Nursing. Or I could finish my Master's in Women's History. How about a JD, with a specialization in Probate? Anything but another degree in social work, please.
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Subject:Bah.. I have the humbug
Time:04:27 pm
I am sick. Like, as in barely able to venture off the couch sick. I started feeling badly on Tuesday. I was able to successfully run the gauntlet of other zombie shoppers at Target. (yeah, like you never waited until the last minute)Then, in the great tradition of southern drama queens, I took to my bed.

I haven't been outside since.

I have over 350 sick hours accrued. So I have to get sick during my winter vacation? Snarl...I need to feel better soon, or I will start sharing my misery with the world. Consult your weekend headlines.

But it hasn't been all self pity and infection control.

The boys enjoyed the dinner. It was pared down to ham, stuffing, spinach salad and corn. The pies were store bought. Still, it was nice to sit around the table with my boys and watch them devour huge plates of food. They have been very solicitous in their young male ways. I have been able to nap without bickering in the background. The oldest is too old to cuddle with now, but he shared a couch and watched movies with me. Both of them kept up a quiet stream of banter that made The Grinch that stole Christmas(the full length movie) funny again. I have raised a couple of smart asses.

Lootwise, I scored in a big way. I got gift cards to Half Price Books, and Barnes and Nobles. Woot! I am going shopping this weekend. Tonight, I will read The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. The boys got their main holiday request, a Nintendo and an Ipod.

For my family, Xmas is a continuance of Yule, one of those 12 days folks talk/sing about. It means hanging out with each other, eating good food, watching corney movies. And enjoying our stuff. Even though I was stumbling through a cold medication haze, the day was good.
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Subject:First Freeze
Time:08:44 pm
Finally. Temperatures will drop down to the low 30's. It probably won't freeze here in Central Austin. Still, I am thankful for the opportunity to shiver. Hello, it's the end of November. About time that there is some frost on my windshield.

I have a comforter that I just purchased. It's thick and heavy. My favorite sort of sleeping accessory. I have been thinking at intervals through the day "I get to sleep with my comforter tonight, I get to sleep with my comforter tonight" Imagine enthusiastic tone.Plenty of pillows to burrow into. I might even let the dogs sleep at the foot of my bed.

Yeah.... it's the little things that make a happy end to the work week. Either that, or I am easily pleased...
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